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Marilyn Clark helps large and small employers successfully manage thorny employment issues both in the office and in the courtroom.   With a practical approach and strong record of efficiently resolving disputes in favor of her clients, Marilyn allows employers to stay focused on business and avoid timely and costly distractions in the workplace.

Marilyn regularly assists employers of all sizes with a wide array of issues arising under federal, state, and local employment laws.   When serving her clients, Marilyn understands the import of balancing legal constraints with practical business needs and goals.

With former management and in-house experience, Marilyn is uniquely qualified to understand the multi-faceted challenges that arise in the modern workplace and to guide employers to appropriate solutions.  Marilyn helps employers understand not only the potential legal consequences of employment decisions, but also the practical implications of such decisions.  Through exercising both legal and practical expertise, Marilyn works with her clients to reach the best decisions for their businesses in a wide range of circumstances.

When workplace disputes are unavoidable, Marilyn is an experienced litigator with a strong record of resolving threatened court actions, agency charges, and other disputes in favor of her clients.  Marilyn’s thoughtful approach to evaluating cases, coupled with strong negotiating skills, have contributed to a history of multiple zero-sum settlements  reached at very early stages, saving her clients substantial time and money when faced with threatened litigation.

Marilyn has particular expertise in wage and hour matters, and she has successfully defended employers against class-wide claims for alleged unpaid overtime and misclassification of workers.  She also has conducted multiple wage and hour audits, particularly with regard to exemption status.  Marilyn additionally has expertise in leave, accommodation, and workers’ compensation matters, and she regularly offers practical guidance to help employers effectively manage complex issues and avoid liability in these areas.   She has presented and offered numerous training sessions on the foregoing topics.

Marilyn also is firmly committed to assisting non-profit organizations as well as individuals without resources who require legal assistance.  She has worked on a variety of pro bono matters during her years at the firm, including serving on a team representing clients on death row in Texas.  This commitment is an extension of her work during law school, where she received a CALI Award for her work representing death-row inmates in Cornell’s capital punishment clinic.

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Name: Marilyn J. Clark
Law Firm: Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Address: 50 South 6th Street Minneapolis MN 55402
Phone: (612) 492-688

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