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Paul Onderick is a patent attorney and licensed optometrist whose practice focuses on assisting clients in seeking patent protection and developing and managing patent portfolios. Much of Dr. Onderick’s practice at Patterson Thuente focuses on seeking to protect innovations in technologies that relate to his background in optometry, including optical products such as microscopes and digital projectors; clinical and surgical instrument-related products; heads-up and night vision displays; and laser-refractive technologies. He also works with manufacturers of medical devices, biomedical instruments, and automated and robotic manufacturing equipment. Dr. Onderick also assists clients with obtaining patent protection for mechanical devices.

Before becoming a patent attorney, Dr. Onderick was a clinical optometrist for nearly two decades. He was president and owner of Professional Eye Care, Ltd., where he cared for patients and managed the day-to-day operations of the business. Dr. Onderick’s broad scientific background, which includes areas of optics, medicine, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, and physics, coupled with first-hand knowledge of the challenges of running a business, allows him to relate to clients on many levels. He enjoys developing intellectual property strategies that contribute to the success of the intelligent and enthusiastic innovators who are his clients.

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Name: Paul Onderick
Law Firm: Patterson Thuente IP
Address: 4800 IDS Center 80 South 8th Street Minneapolis, MN 55402-2100
Phone: 612.349.5766

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