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So why in the world would someone with 37 years’ experience as a big-firm trial lawyer, litigating complex cases across the country, start up a solo practice aimed at providing other lawyers sophisticated, high-quality litigation assistance on a project basis?  Here are a few reasons why:

First, I’m a science junkie.  Since my undergrad days in chemical engineering, I’ve loved learning complex issues of science, medicine and technology – everything from complicated neuropharmacology, cardiology, orthopedics and other health sciences to contaminant hydrogeology and air modeling, automated control and supervisory systems, carcinogen risk assessment, high-voltage electrical protection systems, and many others.  I adore finding and working with leading experts in their fields.  And I’m especially keen on translating complicated science into verbal and visual constructs that help laypersons (not to mention other lawyers) “get it.”

Second, I’m an avid litigation strategist and courtroom advocate.  Having handled complex mass tort, product liability, environmental, commercial and trade secret cases across the country, I’m adept at developing winning case concepts and themes, often with the help of empirical jury research, and at crafting effective litigation strategies to maximize the odds of a successful outcome.  Along the way, I’ve won praise from attorneys, judges and clients as a savvy trial lawyer, a thorough researcher and a persuasive writer and oral advocate.  And being fiercely competitive has never been one of my shortcomings.

Third, as the business of litigation continues to evolve, I firmly believe that project-based litigation expertise is increasingly essential to lawyers and clients alike.  As an independent contractor, I’m able to deliver big-firm, senior partner-level excellence in the areas identified above – when it’s needed – at a much lower cost.  And when my skills aren’t needed, I’m not on counsel’s or the client’s payroll.

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Name: Scott A. Smith
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Phone: 612-987-6546

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